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C-Suite Spotlight: Robert Michel, Founder and Editor of the Dark Report gives an overview of the Dark Report, the value of the clinical laboratory

Healthcare Partner: Rebecca Rock, RN and SABM Treasurer discusses two roles across two countries

Profoundly Impacting HealthcareEmily Broussard, Director of Radiology and Joe Savoie, Director of Imaging discuss how communication helped them over the COVID hurdle

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C-Suite Spotlight: Tom Strauss, CEO of Sisters of Charity reflects with HPI on the critical steps him and his team took in response as well as the proud moments and enduring blessings that have occurred as a result

Healthcare Partner: Sherri Ozawa, Critical Care Nurse and President of Society for the Advancement of Blood Management dives into her mission to define the value of blood

Service Area Spotlight: Dr. James Brink, Chief of Radiology at Massachusetts General Hospital discusses over communicating and “just in time” imaging approach to re-opening at MGH.

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C-Suite Spotlight: Jon Harol, President of Lighthouse Labs discusses solving lab challenges through recruiting innovations

Healthcare Partner: Dr. Darrel Weaver, Vice President of Network Services at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama discusses providing value-based care in a pandemic through telehealth and data resources

Profoundly Impacting HealthcareKatie Castree, Operations Excellence Manager talks about the application of process improvement principles in healthcare

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C-Suite Spotlight: Rob Van Tuyle, President, Blood Division at Vitalant discusses the Impact COVID-19 has had on Blood Supply

Healthcare Partner: SHARP Healthcare’s Director of Laboratory, Aaron Harding discusses how being a Navy Medic has “trained” him to be able to run a clinical laboratory, during a pandemic

Profoundly Impacting HealthcareEric Jurinic, Vice President of Corporate Supply Chain discusses the shift from crisis to innovation during the COVID-19 pandemic

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C-Suite Spotlight: Healthcare Industry Leader and Pioneer, Mara Aspinall, President and CEO of HealthCatalysts and Co-founder of Bluestone Venture Partners

Healthcare Partner: President and CEO of EnvisionTEC, Al Siblani, developed 3D swabs in 22 days for COVID-19 testing

Service Area Spotlight: Dr. Geoff Rubin, globally recognized Radiologist and thought leader provides insight into the future of Radiology after the pandemic

Profoundly Impacting Healthcare:  Carolyn Clancy and Gail Heflin, Nurses and Patient Blood Management Advocates

Expert Excerpt: Registered Nurse and Clinical Informatics Expert, Pam Baker

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C-Suite Spotlight: Former CEO of LabCorp Diagnostics, Gary Huff reflects on what we’ve learned in the clinical laboratory during COVID-19

Healthcare Partner: CHI Nebraska’s Laboratory Director describes her time managing a clinical lab during the COVID-19 pandemic

Profoundly Impacting Healthcare: Heather Hurley gives overview how The Joint Commission is addressing COVID-19 pandemic

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Service Area: Demonstrating Lab Agility to manage through this global pandemic

Word from our Expert: Dr. Irwin Gross discusses an established patient blood management program

Profoundly Impacting Healthcare: Anne Burkey

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Spotlight: Alan Yordy, Senior Partner, CEO Advisory Network

A Word From our Expert: Dr. Jay Menitove, Medical Director, of Medical Advisory Council

The Evolution of Interventional Radiology makes a Profound Impact on Healthcare

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Spotlight: Cliff Robertson, CEO, CHI Health

A Word From our Expert: Dr. Jonathan Chung, University of Chicago Medicine

Melody Mulaik, President of Revenue Cycle Coding Strategies“Making a Profound Impact on Healthcare”

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Spotlight: Ann-Marie Alameddin, President and Chief Executive Officer at AzHHA

A Word From our Expert: Dr. Robert Falk, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer at 3DR Labs

Jason Carney, Vice President of Anemia Management “Making a Profound Impact on Healthcare”

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Spotlight: Theresa Mouton, Health System Market CFO

A Word From our Expert: Carolyn Burns, MD, a Patient Blood Management Advocate

Linda DeVee, Director of Radiology Services “Making a Profound Impact on Healthcare”